a)  All waste water and sewage from drain lines in your plumbing system discharge to underground building drains and then out to the sewer line.  Underground drains carry lint from laundry tubs, grease and food particles from the kitchen sink drain,  sewage, etc.

b)  Grease, sewage, food particles, grease, mold, etc.  all contribute to wear and tear on these underground drains.  If not maintained these underground drains will rott out at the bottom causing the pipes to collapse underground.  This I have seen so many times.

c)  Snake all undergrounds drains on a regular basis.  Water pressure (jet) underground drains to clear all materials.  Call us to schedule appointment.

d)  Use bio-clean regulary to maintain the flow of waste water inside of these underground pipes.  Bio-clean is a harmless enzyme(bacteria) that is safe for the environment and harmless to drain pipes.  It works wonders to eat mold, grease, bacteria, hair, lint, etc.  Bio-clean will help increase the probability that these pipes will not collapse underground.  Ask our plumber about bio-clean.

d)  If collapsed,  we will replace.  Ask us about getting your insurance company involved to pay for these expenses.
What are underground plumbing drains?
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