How do I keep my kitchen drain line from backing up?
a) Grease buildup and food particles are the number one causes of backups in the kitchen drain.  Dispose of as little grease as possible down the kitchen sink drain.  Even if you have a garbage disposal, throw as little as possible food particles down drain as food particles turn to heavy mold, bacteria, and sludge.  Use a trash bag to dispose of food as much as possible.  If possible,  dispose of grease responsibly.

b)  Do not use any liquid drain openers.  These products use acid and will eat the drains pipes in walls causing leaks.

c)  An inexpensive way to keep the kitchen sink drain line flowing, is to run hot water through the kitchen sink drain line on a regular basis to flush away grease, food particles, etc.  First, put dish detergent soap down the drain then flush with hot water.

d)  Treat the kitchen sink drain line with bio-clean regulary.  Bio-clean is a magic product that uses harmless bacterias(enzymes) that are safe for the environment and harmless to drain pipes.  Boi-clean eats food, grease, mold buildup, hair, etc. inside your drain line pipes.  Bio-clean also eliminates odors.  Ask our plumbers about bio-clean.

e)  Snake the kitchen drain line yearly.  This will increase the probability that the drain line will run clear of obstructions and prolong the life of the drain pipes.  Schedule an appointment with our plumbers to snake the kitchen drain line.  This will help prolong the erosion and backup of plumbing drain pipes.

f)  If the kitchen sink drain line is galvanized(metal), replace the kitchen sink drain line to a heavy duty PCV plastic.  Plastic PVC drain lines will help ensure smooth flow of waste water, grease, mold, etc.  Ask our plumbers for info.

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