Why Do I have sewer drain odors (gases) coming from my plumbing pipes?

a)  Sewer gases(odors) tell us that there is either an opening in the drain pipe or the plumbing venting system is not allowing  enough air to travel upwards to the appropriate vent release pipes on the roof of your structure.  This also causes gurling in toilets, sinks, etc.

b)  Imagine a straw placed in a glass of water.  Put a finger on the straw top and  pull the straw out of the glass. Water stays in the straw.  Pull your finger off the top of the straw and water flows out.

c)  Clean vent stacks on roof yearly to allow drain pipes to flow freely and eliminate odors.  Schedule an appointment  with our plumbers.

c)  We can also install a secondary vent known as a studor vent.  This will add air flow into the plumbing system allowing smoother flow, eliminating odors, and eliminating air gurgles.  Call our professionals for service!!!

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