a)  Bathtub drain lines, sink drain lines, and laundry tub drain lines are  relatively small is diameter.  As a result,  many plumbing problems occur in these drains.  Hair, soap grease , and lint are the number one problems with these drains.  If you have galvanized drain lines, it would save time and money to upgrade these drain lines to PVC plastic.

b)  Do not use liquid drain openers.  These liquids use acid and will eat through pipes causing leaks.

b) PVC , a heavy duty plastic drain line, will help ensure a smooth flow of waste water, hair, soap grease, lint, etc.  Schedule an appointment to upgrade this drain line to PVC.

c)  Ask our plumbers about bio-clean.  Bio-clean is a magic product that uses harmless enzymes(bacterias) to eat soap grease, lint, and even hair in these drain lines.  Bio-clean is safe for the environment, harmless to pipes, and eliminates odors. 

d) snake drain lines.  Call for appointment!!!
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