Main Sewer Lines
How do I keep my sewer line from backing up?
a)  Snake out a sewer main line once a year to maintain and cut blockages caused by roots, obstructions, etc.  As a sewer line gets older, the sewer line needs much more maintenence.   Back in the day when plastic was not developed,  sewer lines were made out of clay tiles(crock).   These clay tiles(crock pipes) are subject to heavy roots, shifted pipes, unpitched pipes, and separations.
b)  Once a separation occurs, sewage fertilizes the growth of roots in sewer lines.  Treat the sewer line with a product called root-x once a year.  Root-x is a miracle product that kills the growth of roots up to one year.  This product works wonders.  Ask our plumbers about this product.  We carry this product and will treat your sewer line with root-x.
c)  Do not flush any non-biodegradable products down the sewer.  This includes paper towels, sanitary napkins, babywipes, etc.  
d)  Schedule our plumbers to snake your sewer line  once a year and treat the sewer line with root-x.  This process will increase the probability that the sewer line will flow free of roots, cloggs, sludge, etc.
e)  Do a video- in- line sewer camera inspection to diagnose sewer line.  Call to schedule inspection.
f)   If need be, replace sewer line.  Ask our plumbers for info.
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